About Us

Hello! Welcome to Hemp Oil With CBD company! We are thrilled and excited to see you here!

We are a specialized enterprise in natural CBD oil products with a single – yet much worthy – purpose in our minds: to provide our customers with only the best CBD products, pure and top-notch in quality. We want to ensure our products are always complying with even the highest industry standards, which is why we follow a rigorous quality control by using state of the art technology at the hands of our professional experts. Our facilities follow the strictest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, and all of our products are tested by professional third-party labs, to make sure we deliver only the finest.

At Verified CBD, we believe that cannabidiol is not a preliminary drug – contrary to popular belief. Cannabinoid plants have been grown and used by countless cultures across the globe throughout our history, mainly because of their medicinal properties. Fortunately, this ancient knowledge has endured the trials of time and today, we are bringing it back to lighten some of our modern-day afflictions. By combining tradition with cutting-edge technological advancements, we are steadily increasing our CBD oil applications, adapted to this chaotic world we are living in. Lastly, our CBD products are 100% natural, which is why they present no side-effects and are neither addictive nor damaging to your health – so long as you consume them as instructed.

We adhere by three paramount pillars, intertwined with each other so that our company’s vision is met, ultimately providing our customers with nothing but the best products available in the market.

In addition to our expert, in-house chemist and our R&D Team, we are continually collaborating with the most skilled medical professionals, performing cutting-edge researches and product developments. Here, at Verified CBD, we are industry leaders in product innovation, safety guidelines, and value-for-your-money. All of this is possible, due to our decades of experience handling genuinely natural products, we have all the know-how about selection, extraction, process, and formulation. Most importantly, we are truly serious about out no-GMO policy – all of our products are 100% natural, with no synthetic chemicals added at any point of the process.

Environmental Responsibility:
We know cannabis is a naturally occurring plant since it has been around us for thousands of years. Unlike most over-the-counter or prescription alternatives which are synthetic in essence, at Verified CBD we handle only natural products, cultivated without damaging the ozone layer and with no addition of poisonous, flavor-enhancer chemicals. Our methods guarantee we are not polluting the environment or endangering your health with toxic additives.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Testing:
All of our products undergo the strictest pharmaceutical tests to measure potency and unique terpene profile, as well as the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other microbiological contaminants by using advanced HPLC (HPLC-DAD) pieces of equipment, as all leading labs in the country do. This way, we can make sure any and all irregularities are immediately reported back to us – nothing will leave our labs until we are crystal clear about their quality. From start to finish, we manufacture and test our products in a GMP-certified, top-grade PETA Cruelty-Free facility in Miami, FL, USA.

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