5 Healthy Ways to Support Staying Focused

Focus is the Holy Grail of success. We all know how much we can accomplish and, sometimes, we even know the exact way to seize the day and achieve everything we one. The most prominent issue is our focus eluding us. Whatever your task is, there are always directions nearby which make focusing damn near impossible.

Instead of ordering a gallon of coffee or stuffing your fridge with energy drinks, there are healthy ways to help you stay focused. We’ve picked the five most efficient ones. Try each out and choose the one that helps you the most.

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1. Make sure everything is alright

Sometimes, the reason for your lack of focus is internal. If you feel something is wrong, don’t try to force it. This is a completely wrong approach, popularized by “motivational” videos on social media. We have started to glorify hard work, but sometimes it’s best that you took a rest and started thinking.

Identify the thing that’s bothering you the most at any given moment. After finding the culprit, ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. Can I influence that problem with my own actions?
  2. If I can, what can I do to fix it?
  3. If I cannot fix the problem, will worrying influence the outcome in any way?

The truth is that most of our problems are due to internal stress. We are the main instigators of negative thoughts. When something is bothering, rest and reassure yourself that you’re doing everything you can. Upon realizing that there is no reason to worry, you will feel energized and ready to focus. Don’t hesitate to take as many breaks as possible.

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3. Start exercising

A lack of focus can be due to unhealthy habits. Numerous are the cases when people can’t focus because they’re sitting all day. Your brain is not a machine! It can’t stay stuck to one task and one task only for the entire day. Even if you take a break from work and start reading, it’s still a similar activity. To support staying focused, start exercising.

Any form of sedentary activity is completely opposite in comparison to exercise. Your brain will be able to rest, as your body goes to work. And that’s precisely where you will see the most important benefit of exercise.  

For every exercise-related goal, you will achieve the most rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Those 5 miles seemed like running across the country, but you did it. Those 10 pushups seemed like you’re lifting a sequoia tree, but you did that too.

The pride and sense of accomplishment will continue fueling you and help you focus. It’s a simple “If I did that, why shouldn’t I be able to do this as well?” mindset, but it works. As you rack up accomplishments, any future challenges will seem like a walk in the park.

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3. Try CBD

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or some other malady, pharmaceutical drugs may alleviate the problem, but cause nasty side effects. This not only won’t solve the problem, but you will find it even harder to focus.

Organic substances like CBD are a really healthy way of supporting focus and concentration. As your symptoms go away without any additional side effects, you will be able to focus again and complete your tasks.

Sometimes, it’s the sheer feeling of feeling good again that will motivate you. The statement “We are only grateful for good health when it’s taken from us” is not false. Once you realize how good you feel once again, you will get back to work and be more successful than ever.

CBD can be used in a number of different ways. We recommend CBD anti-anxiety and stress sprays and gummy bears for first-time users. Experienced smokers will find vaping CBD oil more pleasant. CBD is completely safe, non-toxic and doesn’t cause any adverse effects. However, you need to do significant research to choose a verified CBD brand.

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4. Pick up a new hobby

Even if you’re exercising, resting and everything is okay, you might experience problems when trying to focus. What seems to be the matter then?

The problem might lie in the fact that you’re stuck doing the same old routine on a daily basis. Our minds operate on a challenge-first basis. If you’ve been doing the same thing for months or years, you will slowly start to lose focus and interest.

To “spice up” your day, think of picking up a new hobby. It can be anything that you like. Download a free language learning app and start brushing up on Spanish or a different language that you don’t speak.

Learn how to code or start anything else that might interest you. One small change can mean the world and you’ll stay focused due to a less monotonous daily routine.


5. Break down your tasks and prioritize

Chances are that you’re already making to-do lists on a daily basis. When you look at one of those, things like “finish that report for work” might seem a little daunting.

Our minds automatically lose focus when we see big, almost never-ending tasks. How to combat a loss of focus in such cases? Think about that report or task and break it down to little pieces.

Make a list of all the smaller tasks and cross them off as soon as you complete them. As the list grows smaller, your accomplishments will help you focus as the task is nearing its end. This is basically tricking your own mind into believing something is less difficult, but it works amazingly.

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Concluding thoughts

The key to restoring focus is to do so healthily. Adopt healthy habits and you will find your focus not only sustainable but much improved. Take control of your life and identify what’s holding you down. Sometimes, we fail to see the simplest answers to the most difficult questions. Don’t give up.

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