The Most Popular Methods of CBD Oil Consumption

CBD, as a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, is the object of interest of more and more people. Unlike cannabis was before, CBD is far from a niche, as the substance is being integrated with a wide range of products. From creams, sprays to hemp flowers, people have been pretty creative with developing various CBD consumption methods.

However, some are more popular than others. If you haven’t tried CBD but want to, it’s important to get acquainted with the various methods of CBD consumption. Maybe some of the following ways will gauge your interest.

CBD food

Through food

Cannabinoids are, by nature, lipophilic molecules. This means that they can dissolve in fats, but not in a majority of liquids.

CBD is a cannabinoid and is thus dissolves into various fats and oils that humans can eat, like seed oil or other plant oils. This makes it easier to digest CBD, whether in form of CBD capsules or CBD oil. But it still has a consumption rate of only 6-15%, which isn’t pretty effective. Why does this happen in the first place?

The low rate of absorption is due to a process known as “the first-pass metabolism.” The body has to filter any ingested compounds through the live, meaning that a majority of CBD molecules will be rendered obsolete.

This is the organism’s way of protecting you from any substance in excessive amounts. To solve this problem, most edible manufacturers include natural emulsifiers and amplification agents to their products to increase the effects.

Food consumption is usually for people that don’t like smoking or who don’t think that topical absorption isn’t effective enough. Also, this form of CBD intake is ideal for effects that last longer and deal with more widespread forms of pain.

When consumed this way, CBD takes for about 1-2 hours to take effect. Be patient and don’t eat too much because it needs time to start working.

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Although marijuana is generally smoked, CBD can also be consumed this way. How, exactly? By cultivating special strains of CBD-only cannabis, growers are giving people the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant smoking sensation without too many problems relating to the “high” feeling.

Smoking CBD is ideal for people who don’t cope well with the psychoactive effects. Many ex-smokers have succeeded in quitting smoking by starting to roll CBD joints with added CBD oil. It’s one of the favorite and most effective ways of consuming the oil – by inhaling the fumes.

If you live in an illegal state, keep in mind that the legal limit of THC in a CBD product is 0.3%. If it’s any more than that, you might get in trouble for possession. Be careful and research the CBD oil products you intend to purchase.

Vaping CBD


A large group of people prefers vaping to other forms of CBD oil consumption. It creates less smoke than smoking and doesn’t cause dizziness. Inexperienced users of CBD oil even prefer to mix it with e-liquids.

Some do this to experiment with doses, while others found that this is a very effective way of blending different flavors and quantities. You can make your own mix by microwaving the oil and mixing it with the liquid.

The vape pen market is also booming, making this perhaps the most popular way of consuming CBD. Because the oil is heated instead of burned, it’s easier on the lungs and has a much better taste.  It’s very popular with seniors.

Via tinctures

For those that don’t want to devote too much time to consuming CBD use tinctures. They are alcohol-based cannabinoid extracts that you consume orally. By putting a drop under the tongue, it gets absorbed by the oral blood vessels which are more exposed in the sublingual area.

They are generally used for immediate treatments and fat relief because it’s the second fastest method of absorptions after smoking. The capillaries transport the CBD directly towards the brain, disregarding mucus membranes and the liver as well. It also has an effective absorption rate.

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Another popular method of CBD consumption, dabbing is used mainly by more experienced users. To dab CBD, you need either a traditional or electric dab ring. With traditional rings, you have to heat the ring with a butane torch to be able to inhale all the CBD from the oil.

This is more expensive equipment than tinctures, vape pens and other methods of consumption of CBD oil. Nevertheless, they are fun and a worthy investment if you’re willing to make the jump. You can mix the oil with a CBD concentrate for better and more efficient absorption.

CBD body cream

Topical consumption

One of the easiest ways to administer CBD is topical. In addition to other forms, CBD oil comes in the shape of many creams, skin ointments, and even shampoos nowadays. There are also CBD oil-infused patches. They provide immediate relief in cases of sudden pain.

CBD ointments are also good if you want a constant presence of CBD in your bloodstream, for long-term use. Be careful about the strength of every product; don’t hesitate to do more research to find the right choice.

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Nasal consumption

Just like when you have a cold and use a nasal spray, you can also administer CBD. This is a relatively new, but a fast-acting way of administering CBD into your brain and bloodstream. It’s also one of the most efficient ways of administering CBD.

Mucus membranes in the mouth and capillaries in the sinuses can easily absorb all the necessary CBD in liquid form. They don’t have the somewhat negative effects of smoking or having CBD oil. These liquids are infused with CBD oil. While not that concentrated, the absorption rate makes it worth it.

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