Making Hemp Oil Infused Hot Chocolate

It’s not surprising that CBD has entered almost every facet of our lives. Numerous instances of research, tests and official approvals have highlighted the medical benefits of CBD and hemp oil.

Unlike cannabis oil, hemp oil doesn’t have a psychoactive effect on our mind and consciousness. This fact alone increased its potential for success due to the sheer fact that some people don’t like the “high” feeling.

With CBD and its recent legalization, we’ve explored adding it to some of our favorite foods and drinks. Did you think it might find its way into your steaming mug? Regardless of the answer, it’s time to learn how to make hemp oil-infused hot chocolate. Winter will never be the same!

Cup of chocolate

The benefits of hemp oil infused hot chocolate

  • There is just something special about hot drinks during the cold winter months. No matter how bad your day was or how cold it was outside, a single cup of hot chocolate can make you forget all that. Just the feeling of heat entering your body will lift you up and heat you up in a second. Making hemp-infused hot chocolate is a great way to relax after work or any other daily (or nightly) activity.
  • Hot chocolate is made out of cacao. This somewhat underrated plant is full of amazing health benefits. It’s full of antioxidants, several times more than some of the most antioxidant-rich fruits. For battling inflammations, oxidative stress and many other diseases, there is no better preventive remedy than cacao.
  • If your iron levels are low, there is no better way to get it than through some tasty hot chocolate. By drinking help infused hot cocoa, you get all the benefits that cocoa has. Many people don’t realize just how many there are, so help-infused hot chocolate might actually be one of the best ways to let them know.

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  • Cacao also keeps your brain and heart healthy due to it being a rich source of magnesium. This chemical element is essential in turning glucose into energy within your body. By drinking just a few mugs of hemp oil infused chocolate, you can have more energy and accomplish more on a daily basis.
  • Finally, there are many proven and still unproven medical benefits of hemp oil. In many ongoing clinical trials, experts are looking at the ways in which hemp can aid our bodies. Epilepsy, cancer and other conditions have shown signs of stagnation and/or alleviation when hemp oil is administered.
  • Perhaps the best benefits of hemp oil infused chocolate is the way of administering the oil. A lot of people don’t like smoking hemp to get CBD. The same goes for vaping and many sugary sweets. Hot chocolate is soothing and beneficial to your health.

Hot drink

How to make hemp oil infused hot chocolate

What you need

  • 1 cup of milk. The best choices are unflavored and unsweetened almond milk. Goat milk is also known as a great choice to make great hot cocoa with it.
  • 4 squares of dark chocolate. The brand may be unimportant, but you have to pay attention to the percentage of cocoa. To get the best possible aroma and texture, don’t use dark chocolate that contains less than 80% of cacao. You can even do a taste test. The more bitter it is, the better it is for your hemp oil infused hot chocolate.
  • Organic CBD oil from Verified CBD
  • ½ tablespoon of brown sugar or any other sweetener. Stevia has also proven to be a great choice for those who prefer natural and organic. You are free to increase or decrease the amount of sugar according to your own preference
  • Peppermint essential oil. This ingredient is entirely optional. If you like a minty taste to your hot chocolate, then go ahead
  • Whipped cream for the addition of a second flavor
  • Cookies
  • Marshmallows

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How do you prepare it

Take a medium-sized saucepan and put it over low to low-medium heat. First, take the bar of chocolate and split it into four squares. Some hot chocolate aficionados love having a rich feel in their chocolate. If you are one of them, feel free to add 5-6 square of chocolate. Put the pieces into the pan and observe it melting.

When it starts resembling a pudding, put in milk and whisk the whole mixture. Just whisk the mixture until it starts being entirely homogeneous. The moment it comes together, slow down and start stirring it with medium force. After a few moments, you can add the sweetener according to your own preference. If you intend to serve the hot chocolate to more people, just add a little bit of sweetener and let everyone choose their own preferred quantity of sugar.

Pour the hot chocolate into a mug and add one or two drops of your organic hemp oil. Stir the mixture gently and let it sit for no less than 7 minutes. It takes time for the mixture to blend together with the hemp oil. During the winter, you can also leave the drink on the window and have the cold air cool the chocolate.

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After the drink cools off a bit, you can think of the accessories. If you’re more in for a mintier, fresher taste, add two drops of peppermint essential oil. It’s an excellent addition to any flavor during the winter months. Add whipped cream and top it up with marshmallows and/or cookies.

Chocolate with CBD

Other things to consider

  • No matter how healthy cacao and hemp oil may be, hemp oil infused hot chocolate can still be caloric. Milk, sweeteners and the decorations can add quite a bunch of calories to your daily intake. Therefore, keep this hot chocolate as a treat only.
  • If someone in your company doesn’t mind the psychoactive effects of THC, you can also make hot chocolate infused with cannabis oil. The process is the same, but you have to be much more careful when dividing the mixture. Avoid putting too much because some people might feel unpleasant.

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