4 Amazing Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

The source of hemp oil is the hemp seeds from cannabis plants. It’s a clear oil that contains a lot of nutrients which are extremely beneficial when applied to the hair topically.

Hemp oil gets absorbed by the skin more effectively and it’s not as sticky as other types of vegetable oils. This makes it one of the more popular choices of oils used in hair-care products and cosmetics.

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What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is highly beneficial because it contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and more. Manufacturers derive this oil from industrial hemp plants. Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse the hemp plant with the cannabis plant easily.

We know for a fact that the latter doesn’t have a good reputation because of its THC content which has psychoactive effects. Because of this, some people might feel uncomfortable about using hair-care products which contain hemp oil.

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However, industrial hemp which is the source of industrial hemp oil is often used to produce different types of products like vapes, tinctures, topicals, beauty products, and so much more. One such product that’s very popular is CBD Capsules from VerifiedCBD. There are even CBD products for pets which contain hemp oil!

Because of the many health benefits of hemp oil, it has become very popular in the industrial setting. There are even huge plantations which are specifically meant for commercial farming and commercial processing of industrial hemp plants so there’s an adequate supply to go around.

Hemp oil has become so popular that manufacturers of hair-care products have started using it as an ingredient in conditioners, shampoos, oil gels, and more. Now that you know more about health oil, let’s take a look at 4 amazing benefits of hemp oil for your hair:

1. Maintains the health of your scalp

One of the most important benefits of hemp oil is that it keeps your scalp healthy. Your hair can never become healthy unless your scalp is. One of the more common scalp issues we have is dandruff. This condition involves an overproduction of dead skin which starts flaking off the scalp.

Dandruff results from extreme dryness on your scalp’s surface. Dandruff can be very unsightly and it can also cause your scalp to feel uncomfortably itchy. The good news is that hemp oil can help prevent and treat dandruff by:

  • Opening up your scalp’s blood vessels to promote circulation;
  • Moisturizing your scalp so it doesn’t become too dry

When the circulation in your scalp improves and the skin becomes moist, your scalp will go back to its healthy state. This, in turn, clears up any dandruff and prevents it from coming back in the future.

If you have dry, itchy skin that’s prone to dandruff and you don’t do something to treat it, this might lead to scalp infections which can be very painful. But when you apply hair-care products which contain hemp oil, you might not have to deal with this condition anymore.

Hemp oil contains omega fatty acids, gamma-linoleic acids, and other nutrients which can help ease your dandruff and any infections you’re already suffering from. This is the first benefit of hemp oil and it’s extremely important.


2. Moisturizes the hair

Just like your scalp, your hair needs a lot of moisture to maintain its health. This is especially important during dry climates or weather which may dry out your hair quickly. Another amazing benefit of hemp oil is that it can help moisturize your hair.

Hemp oil helps inject moisture into your hair while preventing water loss. This type of oil also gets absorbed by the hair and scalp easily without getting sticky and leaving a mess. We’ve mentioned how hemp oil contains lipids. These nutrients are the ones which add the moisture.

With the added moisture, your hair becomes shiny and flexible. The great thing about the lipids contained in hemp oil is that hair tends to absorb them naturally. When it comes to lipids, your hair doesn’t become “full.” So the more your hair absorbs lipids, the healthier it becomes.

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3. Stimulates hair growth

If you feel like your hair isn’t growing as fast as you want it to, then you may want to consider using hair-care products which contain hemp oil. Since hemp oil contains fatty acids, these stimulate hair growth to make your hair grow longer at a faster rate.

Also, hemp oil contains natural proteins which are essential in keratin production. These proteins also contribute to the stimulation of your hair growth. Since the main component of your hair is keratin, supporting the production of this component goes a long way.

Another reason for this benefit is that hemp oil also improves circulation in the scalp. When this happens, the hair follicles get enough daily nourishment. This, in turn, allows them to support the growth of your hair while maintaining its health.

4. Makes the hair stronger

Hair breakage is another issue that a lot of people deal with. And it can be very embarrassing when this happens. Fortunately, another great benefit of hemp oil is that it makes your hair stronger. One of the main reasons for weak hair is excessive dryness.

When your hair becomes too dry, it starts weakening and it starts to break easily. Hemp oil maintains the moisture of your hair along with its natural texture. As we’ve mentioned in the first point, hemp oil also keeps your scalp healthy. This is important so it can support your hair better.

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Some of the proteins and fatty acids which stimulate the growth of hair are also the ones which make your hair stronger. When your hair becomes stronger, this helps prevent damage. This, along with the other fortifying powers of the natural compounds in hemp oil, provide you with a powerful recipe for combating brittle, dry hair and split ends.


If you’re getting frustrated with your hair and you’re looking for a natural remedy, then hemp oil may just be your answer. The great thing about this oil is that it doesn’t cause any adverse side effects because it’s derived from a natural source. Hemp oil will improve the health of your hair without harming it, drying it out or leaving it flat and dull.

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