How To Identify High-Quality Hemp Oil With CBD

CBD oil is one of the most useful and amazing supplements you can ever hope to get on the market today. Thanks to its popularity with younger consumers, all manner of big-name companies have entered the market. And competition only creates room for innovation.

However, a major consequence of popularity is unscrupulous scam artist that will go to any lengths to rip off customers. At times, it’s not so much an elaborate scam artist network as it is a poor-quality product.

With the growth of CBD oil products and the entry of more and more companies into the mix, identifying good quality oil is only going to become more difficult. Here are some factors that should help you weed out the good from the bad.

What Color is the CBD Hemp Oil?

Most people that use CBD are not aware of the fact that different brands provide varying qualities of CBD hemp oil and they come in different strengths.

Due to the relatively young age of the industry, almost no regulations are guiding the manufacturing process. This means different brands rely on wildly different methods to extract their CBD oil from hemp.

Cheaper methods result in cheaper products, which come with the downside of toxic dissolved solvents. These methods include gas stoves and propane. Relatively more sophisticated methods are using ethanol to process the CBD and remove unwanted toxins. The most trusted of these so far, however, is supercritical CO2 extraction.

In the end, three somewhat distinct colors of CBD oil can be extracted:

  • Raw: This type of CBD oil is usually really dark, almost black. It’s produced via the relatively cheaper methods. Often, however, depending on the manufacturer, the product can be just as good.
  • Decarboxylated: These are almost indistinguishable from raw hemp oil but are of significantly higher quality since they have been decarboxylated.
  • Filtered: This is the kind of CBD oil that’s most common and the most highly processed. For which reason, a lot would argue, it’s the safest and highest quality. It has a golden color, having both been filtered and had the CO2 removed.

Where is the CBD Hemp Oil From?

This second aspect will require at least a little bit of research on your part. Most of the CBD oil consumed within the US comes from either Denmark or Colorado. They are renowned for having the highest quality hemp all over the country. Other locations known for very high-quality hemp include Germany, the Netherlands, and Kentucky.

The species of the cannabis will then come second to where the plant itself was sourced from. With which regard, several factors including climate and soil condition will also play a crucial part.

Of course, nobody expects you to go inspect some poor Dutch farmer’s soil for pH and mineral availability. It would help, however, to know that the Europeans have some of the most stringent rules regarding agriculture in the world. What results is some of the globe’s finest, highest quality cannabis plant.

Basically, anything grown in the EU takes precedence over anything grown in the US.


Trust the Science

It is extremely important that whatever company you are dealing with can provide the data, at your request, regarding their product as tested by an independent third party. This might sound boring, but it cannot be stressed enough.

The said report should contain things like: how much THC and CBD are in the oil, the concentration of terpenes in the oil and the presence or absence of toxins, mold, and pesticides.

Hemp extracts are not only good for your body, but the hemp plant itself is also infamous for being an excellent bioaccumulator: it readily absorbs toxins and cleans up the soil. That’s great for the environment and all, but it’s stuff you don’t want anywhere near your body.

Although a bit off tangent, it’s also important to remember that since getting certification from trusted companies is relatively expensive, only companies with high-grade oil can even afford to pay for them. If you’re not one to fumble through troves of excel sheets to do your research, a Certificate of Verification helps reduce your workload a whole ton.

Look Out For the THC Content

Despite being legal in some parts of the US, CBD oil can’t just be sold without any kinds of restrictions. Remember, it’s still a drug, and can be very potent if abused.

CBD hemp oil should contain 0.3% THC or less to be legally sold and distributed anywhere in the US. Since THC is psychoactive, it really wouldn’t do any good if you have enough of it to get a regular user high when they don’t need to be.

Here, you might run into a little trouble because not every manufacturer is as open as we want them to be. They are not necessarily obligated to list all the ingredients, but they are obligated not to lie. If they choose not to list all the ingredients, chances are – they’re hiding something.

In short, always pick the product with as low a level of THC as possible.

Full Plant Extract

There are about five hundred different compounds that can be found in the average cannabis plant. These include things like CBD, THC, CBC, and CBG. To save us from a whole lot of medical lingo that will get your head spinning, these compounds work best when taken together rather than when isolated and taken separately. This is known as the Entourage Effect.

To get a more intense entourage effect, be on the lookout for CBD hemp oil that’s made from a whole plant extract rather than isolated plant extract. In addition to important components like CBD, it will also contain other similarly crucial components like terpenes and flavonoids.

If you’re curious, isolated plant extract usually involves the removal of fatty acids and the other secondary cannabinoids listed above. In the end, they are much less effective than their counterparts.

Concluding thoughts

Quality is of prime importance and we all wish to buy the best from the market. It’s not easy when a product is popular is the market is flooded with lots of options. The vast choice leaves you bamboozled but the points here will definitely help you in identifying the right hemp oil CBD products and to derive the maximum benefits out of the products. Choose wisely.

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