5 CBD Hemp Oil Facts and Myths Set Apart

There’s an existing stigma about CBD hemp oil which is still a big part of our modern society. Fortunately, this stigma is already decreasing. But a lot of people remain confused when it comes to CBD hemp oil and other CBD-based products.

This is because of all the information emerging online and in other sources which, unfortunately, isn’t all true. To clear up some things about CBD hemp oil, let’s discuss some facts and myths about the controversial product.

5 Facts about CBD hemp oil


If you plan to start using CBD hemp oil, you should learn all that you can about it. That way, you’re well-educated, and you know exactly what to expect from it. Here are some facts about this oil derived from hemp:

  • Cannabidiol, the main ingredient of CBD hemp oil is one of the two major compounds found in cannabis

Cannabis plants contain two major compounds namely THC and CBD. The former is the one which gives a psychoactive effect and makes people high while the latter is non-psychoactive and offers some superb health benefits. There are different types of cannabis strains, and they all have varying concentrations of CBD and THC.

  • CBD hemp oil is completely legal

Manufacturers derive CBD hemp oil from industrial hemp plants. Just recently, the use of such products has gained a legal status which made a lot of people happy. Since CBD hemp oils and other CBD products have very low THC content, people can use them without having to worry about legal repercussions.

  • Taking CBD hemp oil won’t make you high

Taking CBD hemp oil won’t give the same psychoactive effect to your mind and body that’s typically associated with taking cannabis. This is because CBD hemp oils don’t contain THC which causes the “high.” Instead, CBD hemp oils may have relaxing, even therapeutic effects which is why a lot of people take them.

  • CBD hemp oil may negate the psychoactive effects of THC

Those who use cannabis, especially if they already experience anxiety might suffer from an increase in their stress levels or even paranoia since this is one major characteristic of THC. Conversely, taking CBD hemp oil may combat those negative impacts while providing a calming effect to the mind and body.

  • There’s very little risk of getting an adverse reaction when you ingest too much CBD hemp oil

Even if you accidentally take a high dosage of CBD hemp oil, you probably won’t experience an adverse reaction to it. That is as long as the oil you take doesn’t contain significant levels of THC. Still, it’s better to take the proper dosage to avoid any potential side effects.

5 Myths about CBD hemp oil

CBD Oil bottle

With all the information available on the internet, you should be very careful with what to believe. Sadly, there are a lot of myths about CBD hemp oil which don’t carry any truth. Let’s take a look at the most common myths about this healthy oil:

  • Since THC is more potent than CBD, it’s a better choice

The main reason for this myth is that some users equate a product’s potency with its efficacy. Therefore, since THC is more potent than CBD, it must be the better choice. If your goal is to get high, then this logic would make sense. But in terms of health and therapeutic benefits, CBD products shine.

When taking CBD hemp oil and other types of health supplements, there are several factors for you to consider as you try to determine which is the best product for you. These include how your body reacts to the supplement, the addictive potential, the possible side effects, and more.

  • CBD hemp oil can cure illnesses and diseases

This is one of the most dangerous myths about CBD hemp oil because it’s not true. Yes, these products offer some excellent health benefits but they’re not meant to treat or cure any types of illnesses and diseases. Researchers are still in the process of studying all the potential effects of CBD, and the results of these studies show a lot of promise. But these products are nowhere near to being officially recognized as a form of medication. At most, this oil may help enhance the effects of treatment, make you feel calmer, and provide you with other significant health benefits.

CBD calming effect

  • CBD hemp oil is a type of sedative

A lot of people believe that CBD is a type of sedative and it is this component which provides cannabis strains with sedative properties. But just like the other myths about CBD, this isn’t true. The sedative effect of cannabis comes from a terpene known as myrcene which is commonly found in the Indica strains of the cannabis plant.

  • When you take CBD hemp oil, you might fail in a drug test

Unlike the compound known as THC, CBD won’t get you high because it is non-psychoactive in nature. Therefore, even if you take the oil, you may still take a drug test without worrying about failing. This is another myth that people should stop believing because it may be the one which prevents them from taking the substance to experience all of its wonderful benefits. Think about it, if taking CBD would make you fail a drug test, why would the government allow it to get legalized?

  • All CBD hemp oils are the same

Finally, this is one of the more ridiculous myths out there. Some people believe that all CBD hemp oils and CBD-derived products are exactly the same. Although these products make use of the same main component, they do have slight differences across brands. Manufacturers of CBD hemp oils create their own formulas and use different processes to make their products. This is why it’s important to check the quality of a product before making a purchase.

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