5 Healthy Drinks with CBD You Should Try

CBD industry is booming and all the canna-crazy innovators out there are finding newer and even better ways to benefit from the healing properties of cannabidiol. CBD infused beverages are yet another of the ever-growing list of CBD based products that have become an instant success.

The reason why CBD is rapidly becoming part of widely-marketed and popular beverages is the fact that it lacks the psychoactive properties of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, another compound derived from the cannabis plant that induces a “high” state. CBD is devoid of all such effects and does not exert any psychoactive effect. It is quite safe for use.  

Cannabidiol or CBD drinks can help overcome a variety of health issues. It is known to help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, gut problems, and sleep disturbances etc. This article is all about CBD based healthy drinks that can help you get rid of various medical problems. Stay with us for a concise guide about popular CBD drinks.  

1. CBD Infused Latte

Replace your regular coffee with CBD infused latte and wait for the magic to run through your veins. The drink is concocted from cocoa, coffee beans, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and most importantly, CBD. CBD lattes have become a popular brew at the coffee shops, with more people asking for the famous magical drink with every passing day.

People who drink CBD infused caffeinated beverages report a boost in their energy levels, better attention and improved concentration along with an increase in their overall performance. One of the best uses of CBD latte is its role in helping with weight loss which has made it immensely popular with the ladies.

Anecdotal records show CBD infused coffee to help people with anxiety disorders with reportedly lesser apprehension and unease than before. Drink away all your troubles with this incredible beverage.

2. CBD Lemonade

Forget your standard lemonade and whisk away CBD topped lemonade for a reviving energy drink. It is made by adding organically grown CBD in ground form to regular lemonade drinks. It can be prepared at home. Canned lemonades containing CBD are also available. Along with the power of citrus, CBD infused lemonade is known to perk up your daily performance.

CBD lemonade can also be used in cases of mild to moderate pain since CBD is known to modulate pain sensation. It can also help in inflammatory conditions to settle the symptoms of inflammation. CBD lemonades can also help enhance your immune system. Combined together, lemon and cannabis help overcome nausea and vomiting associated with various health conditions. The beverage calms the overwrought nerves and clears your head instantly.

3. CBD Cocktail

CBD cocktails are creating the most buzz at the bars these days. CBD cocktails interlace the power of CBD with mint, cucumber, tequila, lime, aquafaba, basil, hops, agave syrup, and other similar flavors.

The cocktail is a miraculous blend which helps you feel alert and focus better. It also helps get rid of lethargy and fatigue, making you feel revitalized for better performance. Beyond its obvious health benefits, CBD cocktails offer an altogether novel experience of unique tastes and textures.

Experimenting with the unknown has become the new trend at the bars these days. People are eager to test the mystery ingredient, making CBD an instant hit with all the cocktail lovers.

4. CBD Soda

The marvel of CBD has even made its way into your favorite soda brands. Not so long ago, Coca-Cola, the largest soda company of the globe, showed its interest in CBD and speculations about Coca-Cola releasing its own range of CBD infused sodas are in the air these days.

Cannabidiol tinctures and CBD syrups are being used to top up the sodas. Adding a carefully measured amount of CBD to sodas can help pump up the energy levels, enhancing the functional capabilities for better task execution. Who doesn’t enjoy a chilled can of soda on a balmy afternoon but what’s even better is a CBD-spiked soda. Do you need any more proof that CBD is here to stay for good?

5. CBD Fruit Punch

Mixing CBD with fruits in a slush form makes an excellent refreshing CBD drink for daily use. The fruit punch uses farm-grown fruits and agricultural hemp to put together a wholesome drink that enhances the physiologic actions of the body, augments the metabolism and improves the psychological health.

The fruity flavor, combined with the natural goodness of CBD packs all the organic benefits into a single package. CBD fruit punch is an excellent, nutritious beverage that can become your on-the-go drink, providing an out-of-the-box remedy for a wide range your everyday health problems for which conventional therapies have failed.

Bottom Line

CBD is Mother Nature’s trendiest remedies at the moment. As CBD market continues to evolve, the industry surrounding it is expected to diversify. More user-friendly products containing CBD need to be introduced in order to derive maximal benefits of CBD. Let’s raise a toast to all these CBD infused beverages that have made our lives easier than ever before!

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