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What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil With CBD and CBD Oil?

Meta: You’ve always wanted to know what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? Let’s cover this to understand the difference and similarities better.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most important components of marijuana. It's also becoming more popular because of all its potential health benefits. But since CBD products are typically derived from cannabis, they're often confused with hemp oil.

Both CBD and hemp oil come from the same plant and are both very useful but for very different reasons. It's important to know about these differences, so you know what to look for when making a purchase. In this article, we'll discuss these differences as well as the similarities between the two oils.

What is CBD oil?
CBD oil is usually extracted from the different parts of hemp or marijuana plants. Generally, producers would choose the strains which have higher levels of CBD to maximize their products' potency. There are different ways to extract CBD, but the safest way to do this is through the oil-based process.

hemp oil cbd
In this method, they would soak the plant in a carrier oil, usually olive or hemp, for the components to separate. Another popular method of extraction is the CO2-based method where they place the material under high amounts of pressure. This method is also safe, and it will generate the purest type of end product. When extracted well, the CBD oil will contain minimal to no amounts of THC. This makes it ideal for those who want to get all the benefits sans the psychoactive effects. CBD oil can help with different medical conditions. Also, it inhibits the effects of THC in the body. However, since methods of extraction and production vary and some manufacturers use cannabis rather than hemp to produce the CBD oil, some products may contain both CBD and THC. The good news is that the amount of THC is very minimal because manufacturers have to follow pharmaceutical standards. In any case, it's best to read the product's label before making a purchase.

What is hemp oil?
Hemp oil is usually made from hemp seeds or seeds from any plant that's a member of the cannabis family. The seeds contain a lot of oil which makes the extraction process easy. Hemp oil is generally used for its nutritional value instead of the medicinal benefits it can provide. Generally, hemp seeds contain minimal amounts of CBD and the seeds only have trace amounts of THC, so hemp oil won't ever make you high. Unlike CBD oil, this has a lot of nutritional value as it contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Because hemp oil doesn't contain a lot of saturated fats like the other oils out there, it's commonly found in kitchens all over the world. Its flavor depends on how the manufacturers refined the oil, and you can use it for cooking and even as a salad dressing. Aside from being a component in food products, hemp oil is also common in health and industrial products.

Now that you know more about CBD oil and hemp oil, it's time to go through their key differences.

Natural sources Technically, the plants have a single source which is Cannabis Sativa. But the oils aren't derived from the same sources. Hemp oil is usually derived from hemp plant seeds. These seeds get cold-pressed so manufacturers can extract the oils from them. On the other hand, CBD oil is typically derived from Cannabis Sativa which can either be marijuana or hemp. Manufacturers can produce CBD oil from all of the plant's parts.

Chemical makeup
Anyone who has ever vaped or smoked week has probably heard about THC. This is a compound in Cannabis Sativa that makes you "high." Just like THC, CBD is also a compound or a cannabinoid, but it's non-psychoactive. Also, CBD can help prevent or cure various medical conditions. When it comes to the chemical makeup, CBD oil contains a lot of CBD. This is what makes the oil highly beneficial to the health. Conversely, hemp oil with cbd only contains compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids just like a lot of other healthy oils available out there.

Hemp oil is quite healthy, but it won't have a different effect as other healthy oils you can also take. But CBD oil can affect your endocannabinoid system directly. Because of this, it can also have a direct effect on different conditions such as depression, pain, insomnia, and more.

Since CBD and hemp oil have different chemical makeup and effects, this means that you would use them differently as well. Typically, different industries can use hemp oil. In the food industry, manufacturers can use hemp oil as an ingredient because of its high Omega-3 and Omega 6 content. It's also useful in the health industry because it contains vitamins as well as minerals like potassium and magnesium. It also has industrial applications as manufacturers can use hemp oil as a component in shampoos, soaps, and more.

Of course, CBD oil is also very beneficial and versatile. Compared to other healthy oils, CBD oil has a lot of medical uses. You can use it to relieve inflammation or to manage pain and blood sugar levels. Also, CBD oil is very beneficial for those who have anxiety and other types of psychological disorders. Some people even use it to prevent vomiting, treat the negative symptoms of cancer, and manage muscle spasms and seizures.

How are they similar?
As we've mentioned earlier, both CBD and hemp oil come from Cannabis Sativa. But this species of plant has two variations namely hemp and marijuana. Hemp has minimal psychoactive compounds such as THC and is typically used in industrial applications. On the other hand, marijuana is the "drug plant" which contains THC and has potent medicinal effects.

To complicate things further, each of these species has various strains. You can produce CBD oil from both hemp and marijuana. Although in most cases, manufacturers use hemp because of its safety and legality. On the other hand, hemp oil is produced from the hemp plant's seeds. So basically, the only similarity between these two oils is that they're both extracted from the same species of plant which is Cannabis Sativa.

What are the Ways of Using Hemp Oil With CBD?

CBD is versatile and there are many benefits of it. There are many ways of using CBD and learning about them will help you choose the right method.

cbd hemp benefits
A lot of people are becoming more and more interested in CBD oil and other CBD products. If you're new to CBD, then you can easily get overwhelmed with all the information and all the different kinds of products available. If you want to start taking CBD products, you need to find one which will best suit your own lifestyle and needs. There are different ways to use CBD and these methods each have their own advantages. Some taste better than others.

Some are easier to take than others. Some are more bioavailable than others, and more. In this article, we'll go through the most common ways of using CBD. Knowing these methods can help you determine which CBD product will be the best one for you.

Sublingual application
This is one of the most common ways to use CBD oil. When you practice sublingual application, you place the oil underneath your tongue. Then you keep the oil there for some time, usually up to a minute and a half before swallowing it. This method will allow the active ingredients of the CBD oil to get absorbed by your mouth's mucous membranes.

This method also bypasses the digestive system as well as the metabolization by your liver. Therefore, it speeds up the process by which the CBD oil enters your bloodstream. Once this happens, it can start interacting with your endocannabinoid system.

There are different products available out there such as CBD oils, full-spectrum CBD oils, CBD liquids, and CBD tinctures which you can use if you want to use CBD this way. You can hold these types of products in your mouth easily before you swallow them. This will allow your mouth to acquire all the active ingredients in order to get all the benefits of the CBD.

Inhaling or vaping
The most effective way to take CBD is through inhaling or vaping. When you use a vape pen or other type of vaporizers, you can absorb the CBD oil through your lungs directly. You can purchase vaporizers as well as vape oils or vape oil cartridges. There are also pure vapor products available which you can inhale safely so you can absorb all of the natural health benefits of the CBD oil.

When you vaporize the CBD oil, all of the beneficial components start entering your body quickly. That's why this method will provide you with near-immediate effects compared to other ways of using CBD. Because of the quick absorption and the enhanced bioavailability of vaporized CBD versus oral CBD products, inhaling or vaping is becoming increasingly popular among those who use CBD oil.

As a matter of fact, in just a matter of months, CBD vaping has become extremely popular especially among consumers who are health-conscious. This method will provide you will a lung-friendly way to inhale CBD oil. It will also allow you to absorb all the beneficial components before they get diffused into your bloodstream. If you're a beginner to CBD vaping, it's best to start slow and take small doses. Fortunately, vape pens and other vaporizers are very simple and easy to use. You can even keep refilling the product as needed making it very convenient.

Ingesting CBD oil in different forms is one of the most common methods for using CBD. You can take dietary supplements orally which will allow the active ingredients to pass through your digestive system then get metabolized by your liver. Nowadays, this is how most people take their daily supplements and multivitamins. When you take CBD oil supplements in capsule or other forms, it's a lot easier. Of course, CBD oil supplements don't just come in capsule form. There are also full-spectrum or CBD liquids which you can mix with foods and drinks to make them easier to take.

Mix with food and drinks
If you want a seamless way to use CBD daily, then you can try mixing the CBD oil into your favorite beverages or foods. Although adding the CBD to prepared foods isn't easy, it will be worth it as it can improve the absorption of the product. This is because the fatty acid content of certain foods can serve as the carrier for CBD. This, in turn, will allow the CBD product to move through your body for better and faster processing. You can add CBD oil to coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, curries, salads, ice creams, and more. In fact, almost any kind of food or drink can become a CBD edible.

Topical application
For those who want to use CBD externally, they can choose the topical application. There are also CBD products on the market which you can topically apply to your skin. These products are usually known as topicals, and they can come in the form of salves and lotions. When you apply these topicals to your skin, the active ingredient, they contain get absorbed by the skin. Then they interact with the cells found near your skin's surface without having to enter your bloodstream.

This method will allow you to use the CBD in the areas where you need it the most without letting the CBD affect the rest of your body. For instance, you can apply a CBD salve on trouble spots on your skin, or you can massage it into your joints and muscles. Also, there are CBD oil-infused beauty and bath products which will provide you with the benefits of CBD when applied to your skin.

Shampooing and conditioning
Another way to use CBD oil is by purchasing CBD oil shampoo and conditioner products. These can clean and strengthen your scalp and hair naturally. Again, there are innovative products out there which you can use for these purposes. They contain CBD oil as well as other components such as extracts, botanicals, and more.

No matter what way you choose, make sure you find the best possible product. When it comes to using CBD, you may have to try different methods before settling on one which you really prefer. You can do more research on the type of product you'd want to try so that you can make a wiser choice in the end.

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